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About Sing The Hours

Paul Rose has been producing two podcasts per day since December 2020.

Paul’s family had breviary books in their home for decades, even before their full conversion to the Catholic faith.
Despite some familiarity with the breviary, he still found it challenging to “crack the code”, and use the books effectively. 

From a young age, Paul was interested in music, particularly singing and songwriting, and he trained with a vocal coach for many years. At 14 he started teaching himself music production and recording arts. As a freshman in high school he was received into the Catholic Church from Evangelical Christianity. Since then, he says God has kept kindled in his heart a fire for serving the Church and his fellow man. Several years ago, his Uncle Frank, who lives in another state, introduced him to the Liturgy of the Hours, and he did a full year of remote daily prayer (either Evening or Night Prayer). A musical man, Uncle Frank set the course of joyfully singing the prayers over FaceTime.

In subsequent years, Paul was surprised to learn that although Roman Catholic priests take a vow to pray the Liturgy of the Hours daily, many simply recite or read the hours silently, despite the age-old tradition of singing the psalms - which is explicitly encouraged in Vatican II as a central component of parish life. 

In December 2019, Paul’s sister bought him his first Breviary. COVID hit a few months later, along with the depression and anxiety that accompanied it for so many people. His Catholic therapist recommended singing for improvement of mental health, so he picked the Breviary off the shelf and started singing five offices a day.

Knowing that there must be instructions for singing the hours, Paul spent a month scouring the internet for resources. Unfortunately, every single podcast and daily recording of Liturgy he could find was simply recited. Given that millions pray the Divine office, and that it is a sung liturgy, it surprised him that there weren’t dozens of singing resources on the world wide web.

That’s when Sing the Hours was born. In Paul's own words, the first episodes sounded "like Justin Bieber became a monk and learned to chant" but after weeks, months, and years of learning, Sing the Hours adheres closely to the traditions of Gregorian chant.
When you pray the Liturgy of the Hours, you are joining in with not only priests, nuns, and deacons, but with millions of Catholics around the world who all stop to pray and sing throughout the day.
Since its beginning in 2020, Sing the Hours has produced over X sung offices, totaling upwards of XX minutes of produced music. On YouTube alone, Sing the Hours' videos have been watched (and prayed along with!) nearly 6 million times (as of early 2024).
The podcast reaches over 400,000 listeners monthly. 
Sing the Hours is hosting several in-person CHANT RETREATS in summer 2024. 
We are hosting a small retreat in June 2024 near Pittsburg, PA, at the St Thomas More House of Prayer.
We will be hosting a larger workshop/retreat in July 2024 in Cambridge, MA. 

Click over to our RETREATS page to learn more. 
Sing the Hours is run entirely on donations. Click over to our SUPPORT page to give a one-time donation or become a regular donor.
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